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Breeder : Mrs. J.T.Kenny (previously Lock)               Phone:                    e-mail:                            www.

Litter 1

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d.o.b.         Name: Sex Health: Owner:
14/11/2001   Starlock Abby Dream Star Female    
14/11/2001   Starlock Ameruth Star Female   Mrs Y. Lance
14/11/2001   Starlock Anastasia Star Female Hips 3:3, Elb 0, Eyes Clear 06/05/04 Mrs J.T. Lock
14/11/2001   Starlock Anya La Mour Female   Mrs Ransom
14/11/2001   Starlock Archer of the Isle Male Hips 4:4, Elb 0 Mr & Mrs G. Coffin
14/11/2001   Starlock Arthurian Kingsley Male    
14/11/2001   Starlock Arthurian Knight Male    
14/11/2001   Starlock Arthurs Chapter Male   Mrs B. Clancy
14/11/2001   Starlock Av-o-long Lancelot Male   Mrs J. Alderman
14/11/2001   Starlock Axel la More Male   Mrs C. Taylor
14/11/2001   Starlock Kristal Star Female    


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d.o.b.         Name: Sex Health: Owner:
25/07/2004   Starlock Careless Whisper from Stormchaser Female Eyes Clear 07/09/05 Mr G.Domeney
25/07/2004   Starlock Chichadee of Rossnick Female Hips 5:4, Elb 1, Eyes Clear 08/06/09, LPN1 : Clear Mrs C.Peters
25/07/2004   Starlock City Affair Male Hips 6:7, Elb 0, Eyes Clear 05/08/07 Mr I. Hutchinson & Miss H. Lester
25/07/2004   Starlock Coeur de Lion from Stormchaser Male   Mrs L.Hodge
25/07/2004   Starlock Comando Scott Male   Mr K.Ebdon & Miss J.E.Graham
25/07/2004   Starlock Crusader Male    

Litter 3

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d.o.b.         Name: Sex Health: Owner:
17/07/2004   Starlock Bath Beauty Female    
17/07/2004   Starlock Betty Boo Female   Mr J. Sharples
17/07/2004   Starlock Big Moment Male   Mr & Mrs Jackson
17/07/2004   Starlock Blue Bell Female Hips 5:6, Elb 0, Eyes Clear 25/11/09 Mr & Mrs T. & J. Stein
17/07/2004   Starlock Boarder Joy Male   Mr & Mrs Jackson
17/07/2004   Starlock Bonny Girl Ruby Female   Mrs E.L. Copperthwaite
17/07/2004   Starlock Born to be Wild Male    
17/07/2004   Starlock Box Clever Male    
17/07/2004   Starlock Bristol Blue Female    

Litter 4

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d.o.b.         Name: Sex Health: Owner:
22/08/2013   Starlock De Ja Vu Amour Female    
22/08/2013   Starlock Delmar Maximus Male    
22/08/2013   Starlock Dunbar Wallace Male    
22/08/2013   Starlock Dunbartons Secret Male   Ms S. Clark
22/08/2013   Starlock Dunits De Ja Vu Male   Mrs J.A. Belton
22/08/2013   Starlock Dunnits Kwamar Female Hips 0:2, Elb 0, Eyes Clear 04/12/17, LPN1 N/N Clear, LPN2 N/N Clear Mrs J.T.Kenny
22/08/2013   Starlock Dunoon Bruce Male    
22/08/2013   Starlock Dunoons Sky Male   Miss C. Halliday