Mr. J.Taylor
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Litter 1

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d.o.b.         Name: Sex Health: Owner:
29/10/1995   Amber Mist Female   Mrs J.A. Palmer
29/10/1995   Bronze Ranger Male Hips 7:7 Mr J.B. Naylor
29/10/1995   Colourful Ambition Male Hips 3:8 Ms M. Mance
29/10/1995   Krystal Rose Female Hips 4:5 Mr I. Walker
29/10/1995   My Friendly Brave Male    
29/10/1995   Ranza Princess of the Loch Female Hips 4:14 Mr & Mrs R. & J. Wyper
29/10/1995   Snickersnee Dream Female   Mr Gorgin
29/10/1995   Sweet Flower of Jasmine Female   Mr C.M.J. Tarry

Litter 2

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d.o.b.         Name: Sex Health: Owner:
17/06/1996   Bewitching Suzanne Female   Mr & Mrs P. Hayman
17/06/1996   Charming Admiral Male   Mrs S.R. Russell
17/06/1996   Dark Diablo Male   Mr M. Beazley
17/06/1996   Donna Viola Female   Mr G. Russell
17/06/1996   Forever Noble Male   Mr J. Wellesley & Miss Waaler
17/06/1996   High Society Girl Female    
17/06/1996   Mighty Maximilian Male   Mrs T. Nightingale
17/06/1996   Spirit of Summer Female   Mrs P. Ferns
17/06/1996   Sweet Sophistication Female    
17/06/1996   Yuppy Girl Female   Mrs A. Baker

Litter 3

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d.o.b.         Name: Sex Health: Owner:
09/05/1998   Bubbly Jilly Woo Female   Ms E. McTaggart
09/05/1998   Churlish Charm Female   Mr D. Babb
09/05/1998   Fola My Little Gem Female   Dr O. Abedayo
09/05/1998   Gold Mist Perfect Pal Male   Mrs P. Fuge
09/05/1998   Janans Galaxy Shooting Star of Lionsden Female Hips 4:4, Elb 0 Mr A. Dring
09/05/1998   Loveyoumillions My Pet Female   Mr M.J. Baglin
09/05/1998   Mischevious Girl Female   Mr I. Cannon
09/05/1998   Miss Dior the Second of Guidewell Female   Guide Dogs for the Blind Assoc..
09/05/1998   Rhapsody in Red Female   Mrs L.A. Shaw
09/05/1998   So Willing Kingchip Boy Male   Mrs D.J. George