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d.o.b.         Name: Sex Health: Owner:
12/09/2011   Amphitrite Of The Sea Female   Mr & Mrs P. & C. Robinson
12/09/2011   Aphrodite Paphos Female Hips 4:4, Elb 0, Eyes Clear 04/02/2015 Ms D. Pressey
12/09/2011   Ares of Olympus Male Hips 6:4 Mrs J.M. Dickens
12/09/2011   Artemis Diana Female    
12/09/2011   Athena The Wise Female   Miss D.C. Roythorne
12/09/2011   Cybele Of The Mountain Female   Miss V.E. Cooper
12/09/2011   Dionysus The Tiger Male   Mrs Y. Sweeney
12/09/2011   Hemera The Bright Female   Mr & Mrs K.P. & L.J. Bishop
12/09/2011   Hephaestus Of Fire Male    
12/09/2011   Hera The Beautiful Female   Mrs B.K. Matthews
12/09/2011   Hermes The Messenger Male   Mrs J.P. Macdonald
12/09/2011   Herse Morning Dew Female   Mr & Mrs W.K. & E.I. Blackwell