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Litter 1

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d.o.b.         Name: Sex Health: Owner:
30/09/2007   Best Bib And Tucker Male    
30/09/2007   Blast From The Past Male    
30/09/2007   Blossoms Dream Female Eyes Clear 25/02/10 Mr & Mrs Petchey
30/09/2007   Debbollinby Eye On The Prize Male   Mr & Mrs P.A. & R.L. Cross
30/09/2007   Geoegie Gorgeous Male   Mr D. Ciesznski & Miss K.A. Wilk
30/09/2007   Just A Little Romance Female   Mrs K.M. Tavender
30/09/2007   Knight In Shining Armour Male   Mr D. Eccleston
30/09/2007   Life Of Riley Male   Miss S.J. & Mrs G. Figurniak
30/09/2007   Lightening Girl Female   Mr G. & Mrs N. Fishlock
30/09/2007   Debbollinby Rosebuds And Raindrops Female   Mrs D. Charwin
30/09/2007   The Full Monty Male   Mr & Mrs P. & D. Browning