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Litter 1

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d.o.b.           Name: Sex Health: Owner:
29/09/1984    Lady Libra of Rossnick Female Hips 5:9 Mrs Celia Peters

Litter 2

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d.o.b.         Name: Sex Health: Owner:
16/03/1988   Jancarby Moon Over Miami of Kinghern Female Hips 2:4 Mr F. Inwood
16/03/1988   Jancarby Moonbeam of Coombevalley Female Hips 2:4 Mr M.B. & Mrs. A. Newman
16/03/1988   Jancarby Moonraker Male   Mr B. Simpson
16/03/1988   Jancarby Moonrocket Male Hips 2:16 Mr F.A. Beeley