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Litter 1

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d.o.b.         Name: Sex Health: Owner:
15/06/2008   Charmiley American Dream Female    
15/06/2008   Charmiley Daydreamer Male   Mrs J. Mackenzie
15/06/2008   Charmiley Dolly Daydream Female   Mrs S.K. Davies
15/06/2008   Charmiley Dream Come Tru Female    
15/06/2008   Charmiley Dream Maker Male   Mrs J.S. Thomas
15/06/2008   Charmiley Dreamlover Male   Mr G. Wigley
15/06/2008   Charmiley Sweet Dreams Female   Mrs S.J. Kingston
15/06/2008   Charmiley's Dream Female Hips 5:3, Elb 0, Eyes Clear 29/03/14 Mrs D.D. Hackleton 

Litter 2

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d.o.b.         Name: Sex Health: Owner:
10/08/2010   Charmiley Blazin Star Male   Mr & Mrs M. & S. Taylor
10/08/2010   Charmiley Bright Star Male   Mr S. Brennan
10/08/2010   Charmiley Night Star Male    
10/08/2010   Charmiley Northern Star Male    
10/08/2010   Charmiley's Flaming Star Male    
10/08/2010   Charmiley's Shining Star Female    
10/08/2010   Charmiley's Shooting Star Male Hips 3:2, Elb 0, Eyes Clear 13/04/13 Ms C. Bannigan
10/08/2010   Charmiley's Star Male Hips 4:3, Elb 1, Eyes Clear 28/02/15 Mrs D.D. Hackleton 

Litter 3

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d.o.b.         Name: Sex Health: Owner:
18/10/2012   Charmiley Magic Act Female   Mr L. Berry
18/10/2012   Charmiley Magic Man Male   Mr & Mrs T.A. & K.L. Jolly
18/10/2012   Charmiley Magic Moment Female   Mr & Mrs P.I. & A.V.L. Forman
18/10/2012   Charmiley Magic Potion Female    
18/10/2012   Charmiley Magic Show Female Eyes Clear 16/04/15 Ms J. Nelson
18/10/2012   Charmiley Magic Touch at Oberaura Male   Mrs J.E. Barlow
18/10/2012   Charmiley Magic Wand Male   Miss W. Russell
18/10/2012   Charmiley Magic Word Female   Mrs D.D. Hackleton 
18/10/2012   Charmiley's Magic Female Hips 5:5, Elb 0, Eyes Clear 28/09/14 Mrs D.D. Hackleton 

Litter 4

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d.o.b.         Name: Sex Health: Owner:
17/08/2015   Charmiley's Heart Female    
17/08/2015   Charmiley's Heart And Soul Female   Mr K. Maher
17/08/2015   Charmiley's Heart Of Gold Female   Mrs P.J. Portnall
17/08/2015   Charmiley's Heartbeat Female    
17/08/2015   Charmiley's Heartbreaker Female   Mr & Mrs M. & S.M. Prior
17/08/2015   Charmiley's Heartshaped Female    
17/08/2015   Charmiley's Lionheart Male    
17/08/2015   Charmiley's Loveheart Male   Mrs E.A. Watkins
17/08/2015   Charmiley's Sweetheart Male   Miss L. Sargeant & Mr A. Varizi-Zanjani