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Litter 1

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d.o.b.         Name: Sex Health: Owner:
10/03/2015   Awedistra's Amazing Female   Ms V. Verdon-Roe
10/03/2015   Awedistra's Angel Female   Mr I. Couchman
10/03/2015   Awedistra's Deuces Are Wild Male   Mr D.A. Ward & Mr D.C. Draycott
10/03/2015   Awedistra's Dream On Female Eyes Clear 12/03/17 Mrs G. East
10/03/2015   Awedistra's Last Child Female   Miss W.K. Foster
10/03/2015   Awedistra's Mama Kin Female   Mrs C. Hume
10/03/2015   Awedistra's Sweet Emotion Female Hips 2:3, Elb 0, Eyes Clear 22/05/19, G/PLA Grade 2 20/03/20, LPN1 N/N Clear Mrs D.J.Gallimore
10/03/2015   Awedistra's The Other Side Male   Ms J.A. Evans
10/03/2015   Awedistra's Walk This Way Male   Ms C. Macgregor
10/03/2015   Awedistra's What It Takes Male   Mrs C. Charloux

Litter 2

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d.o.b.         Name: Sex Health: Owner:
25/07/2016   Awedistra's Bad Medicine Female    
25/07/2016   Awedistra's Bed Of Roses Female   Mrs S.R. Carter
25/07/2016   Awedistra's Blaze Of Glory Male   Mr L. Brennan
25/07/2016   Awedistra's Have A Nice Day Female    
25/07/2016   Awedistra's In These Arms Female    
25/07/2016   Awedistra's It's My Life Female    
25/07/2016   Awedistra's Keep The Faith Female    
25/07/2016   Awedistra's Love For Sale Female    
25/07/2016   Awedistra's No Apologies Male   Mr & Mrs D. & S. Adamson
25/07/2016   Awedistra's One Wild Night Female   Mrs T. Khan
25/07/2016   Awedistra's She's A Mystry Female   Mrs L. Culliss
25/07/2016   Awedistra's Wild Is The Wind Female   Mr & Mrs G. & B. Rothon
25/07/2016   Awedistra's Wildflower Female    

Litter 3

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d.o.b.         Name: Sex Health: Owner:
23/05/2017   Awedistra's Brother Wolf Male    
23/05/2017   Awedistra's Edie Ciao Baby Female    
23/05/2017   Awedistra's Heart Of Soul Female   Mrs L.R. Howes
23/05/2017   Awedistra's Lil Devil Female    
23/05/2017   Awedistra's Sister Moon Female   Mrs A. Shephard

Litter 4

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d.o.b.         Name: Sex Health: Owner:
23/03/2020   Awedistra's Armageddon It Male    
23/03/2020   Awedistra's Blind Faith Female    
23/03/2020   Awedistra's Heaven Is Female   Mrs J.M. Philpot
23/03/2020   Awedistra's Hysteria Male   Mr D. Brougham
23/03/2020   Awedistra's Lets Get Rocked Male   Mr & MrsG.H. & L.P. Beech
23/03/2020   Awedistra's Love Bites Female Hips 7:6, Elb 1, Eyes Clear 11/09/21, G/PLA Grade 2 11/09/21, LPN1, LPN2, LPPN3 N/N Clear LEMP D/N Carrier Mr & Mrs L.R. & J.D. Peachey
23/03/2020   Awedistra's Rock Of Ages Male    
23/03/2020   Awedistra's Run Riot Male   Miss L. Robertson